TRAVEL ALERT: How the current land border post closures will affect those travelling from South Africa to Mozambique

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South Africa has 72 ports of entry in the country which are land, sea and air ports. Of the 53 land ports, 35 will be shut down with effect from Monday 16 March and will be closed until 1 April 2020 at the earliest. Land-based border posts that will be closed and effect those travelling from South Africa to Mozambique are Pafuri, Giriyondo, and the Kosibay border posts. (For a full list of land-based border posts that will be closed from 16 March 2020, click here).

If you are travelling to Mozambique from Johannesburg, your best option would be to enter Mozambique through the Komatipoort border.

For those travelling from Durban, it's advised that you stay on the N2 North to Mkuze. Don't take the Hluhluwe turn off. There's a wonderful Engen One Stop at Mkuze, approximately 345km from Durban, where you can stop to fill up on fuel and fill those bellies!

Continue on the N2 North - about 40km past Mkuze, you'll see a well signposted turn-off to your right, which will take you to the Golela Border post.  It's about 10km from the N2 turn off to the Golela Border Post.  Here, you'll need to clear immigration and customs on both the SA and Swazi side at Golela, pay your road tax, and continue North on route MR8.  Approximately 65 km from the Golela Border Post on route MR8, you will come to Big Bend, a huge sugar mill on the right hand side. Watch out for unmarked speed humps in this area, particularly if you are towing a boat.  Approximately 5 km after you see the sugar mill on your right, you'll need to turn right to Siteki. Route MR16. You should see the first Mabuda Farm sign at this turn off too. The road surface is poor and potholed on MR16, so take it easy - especially if you're towing a boat or trailer.  After approximately 40km, you will come to a T junction. Turn Right to Siteki route MR7. You will start the climb over the Lebombo mountains, pass through a foot and mouth control point, and you'll find Siteki at the top of the mountain. Watch out for unmarked speed humps in this area.

IMPORTANT NOTE: petrol is cheaper in Swaziland than in SA or Moz. The Galp Petrol Station in Siteki is the last fuel stop before the Mozambican Border. Directions from Siteki: Take route MR 7 approximately 30 km to the Goba border post.  Clear immigration and customs. Be sure to declare everything of value so you have the paperwork for the return trip.  Once you have left the military security boom on the Mozambican side, you will start the descent down the Lebombo mountains.  Before you get to Maputo, take the new road to Ponta do Ouro.

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