A Week Away

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Every now and then we need time out, ‘me time’, self care time.  I couldnt think of a better place to escape to than the warm waters and remote beaches of Mozambique.  Get away from the kids, phones, emails, people, time to find yourself again.  We tend to pour ourselves out into our children, work, home, friendships and this busyness chases us away from who we really are.  We need time alone to gain perspective on our lives:  what should we be prioritising? what should we be spending our time and energy on?  What is our real purpose on this planet?

Escape the loud and busy life and book yourself into a luxury house on the beach in Mozambique.  Book outside of the school holidays and get a special rate for a single person or a small group (perhaps you prefer to go away with a special friend or two?).  Speak to GoBundu and we will help you find the right spot at the right price.

Laugh more, take yourself less seriously and lightly.  Here’s how you can do this in Mozambique at a GoBundu property:

Read a book by the pool

Spend a full day in nature:  swim in the sea, walk on the beach

Stargaze while sipping yummy drinks

Go skinny dipping

Make the ultimate ice cream sundae

Do some journaling

Take everything with that you need for a full self care day - have an all-day at-home spa day for yourself!

Go for a sunset walk

Watch the sunrise with a plunger of coffee

Find a new Netflix series to binge (this house has free wifi and Netflix)

Build a sandcastle

Tan/sunbathe around the pool - sunshine D does wonders!

Have breakfast outside

Have a bonfire at night

Eat refreshing summer foods outside, like salad, fruit, smoothies

Do a DIY project (like make friendship bracelets, knit, paint or draw a picture!)

Plan your next trip (life is short)

Lie on the beach and cloud-watch

Learn to cook a new dish (grilled seafood, a fancy salad, kept friendly burgers etc!)

Pick a bouquet of wildflowers

Go snorkelling at low tide (this is the perfect house to walk to this snorkelling spot)

Learn to speak Portuguese

Spend time on YOU.  You will not regret this investment, it is money well spent!

Contact Lize on +27282549193 and discuss your trip with her.  She has years of knowledge about Mozambique and will help you book that week away!

WhatsApp:  +27 78 209 3330

Email:          lize@gobundu.com

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