Useful Mozambican terms and phrases you have to know!

It is a good idea to get accustomed with common words and phrases, as well as the local culture and customs before travelling to any destination. We’ve rounded up some key insights into Mozambican culture, along with a few useful terms and phrases that you can use on your next trip to Moz.

Keep in mind that the official language of Mozambique is Portuguese, although English is also widely spoken. The majority of bantu languages, such as chopi and tonga, are spoken as well.

Here are a few key customs to keep in mind when visiting Mozambique:

• Handshaking is the common form of greetings between males.
• It is rude to visit someone and not stay for a tea and a snack.
• It is impolite to refuse food if offered.
• It is illegal to take pictures of government buildings and to drive on the beach.

Here are some common Portuguese words and phrases that you may want to remember:

Hello – Hola
Goodbye – Até logo
Good morning – Bom dia
Good afternoon – Boa tarde
Good evening – Boa noite
I am from … – Eu sou de …
Thank you – Obrigado
Excuse me – Faz favour
Friend – Amigo
How are you? – Como esta?
I am fine – Muito bem obrigado
What’s your name? – Como te chamas?
I’m English (male) – Sou Inglês
I’m English (female) – Sou Inglesa
How much does it cost? – Quanto custa?
I don’t know – Não sei
Milk – leite
Bread – pao
Beer – cerveja
Wine – vinho
Where – Onde
When – Quando
Toilets – casa da banho
I am lost – Eu estou perdido

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5 of the best things to do in Ponta Malongane and Ponta Mamoli

Whether you’re into scuba diving, kayaking, big game fishing, or simply want to spend your days lazing on beautiful sandy beaches, Ponta Mamoli and Ponta Malongane offer a range of exciting activities fit for the whole family. Here’s our round up of 5 of the best things to do in Ponta Mamoli and Ponta Malongane…

Close to shore, Ponta Malongane offers divers over 15 beautiful coral reefs to explore. All range in different depths (up to 48 meters) and cater for both beginner and advanced divers. Popular dive sites such as Wayne’s World, Bass City, Pinnacles, and Atlantis are home to a great variety of marine life, including whale sharks, Zambezi sharks, reef sharks, potato bass, blue spotted rays, brown ribbon-tailed rays, and more.

If you’re in the mood for a birding adventure, Ponta Mamoli is the place! Mozambique currently has more than 600 recorded bird species and around 500 species that breed in the country, making it the ideal destination for avid birders. 

things to do ponta malongane mamoli

Pods of Bottlenose Dolphins are regularly seen in these waters, and many resorts offer guests the opportunity to experience close-up encounters with these majestic mammals. (This activity is done under strict conservation guidelines).

In the mood for a chilled afternoon? Stock up on warm, freshly baked pãos (Portuguese rolls) at one of the local bakeries, then head home to make your own delicious, home-made Prego steak rolls. Keep an eye out for Doce Vitória Padaria & Pastelaria, a small bakery situated on the Main Road – they also have the most incredible pastries that you simply must try. Bem Vindo (which translates to ‘come to see‘) offers visitors local-style meals served in a beautiful setting overlooking the lake behind Ponta Malongane’s sand dunes. And while you’re at it, you simply must try the local Mozambican beer, 2M! 

Snorkelling enthusiasts will love exploring the unspoilt rock pools of Fredrico’s Bay, which are teeming with a variety of bright and colourful marine life. 

Have you been to Ponta Malongane or Ponta Mamoli? What are some of your favourite things to do in the area? Tell us in the comments below!

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